Mission statement

IPOSCOPETM offers a unique cross-border advisory service for growth companies that intend to go public. We perform first class consultancy for the benefit of our customers, regardless of their geographic origin.

IPOSCOPETM is building a reputation of excellence throughout the financial markets, underlining its commitment to a truly sectoral approach for next generation companies.

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First Round of VC

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- E-mobility

- Robotics

- Assembly technology

- Industry 4.0 software integration

- Renewable energies

Advisory service for growth companies



The development of new electric drives and light-weight cars is one of the fastest growing sectors of our times. Revolutionary battery systems, ECUs and self-drive facilities contribute to the changing environment. We encourage you to submit technical concepts and business plans. Our contacts throughout the industry are intense and global.


Production companies are embracing the trend towards automation. The increasing deployment of robotic devices throughout industry is a reality. We are especially looking for solutions of intelligent tool handling by industrial robots. Another area of interest are collaborative robots designed for man-machine interaction within economically viable cycle time.

Assembly technology and Industry 4.0:

Changing materials are calling for new assembly technologies. Welding does not command the overwhelming position in metals assembly anymore. New fastening solutions like riveting, bolting and flow-drill screwdriving are definitely on the surge. Coordination of production and documentation requires intelligent tools that effectively implement the concept of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. Our areas of interest are the hardware and especially the software content of assembly solutions extending to AI.

Renewable energies:

In light of growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, new technologies are being deployed in a vast field of applications. We take a special interest in turbine technology taking advantage geothermic and residual energy emissions.